How can we work, live and cooperate to face our challenges if we can’t even talk to each other?

Two years ago a small group of Swedish friends started a podcast with the purpose to inspire and challenge the Swedes to talk to each other. 

We are calling the podcast Hur kan vi? (How Can We?).

We have invited politicians, activists, religious leaders, influencers and academics to help us to explore human cooperation through curious and brave long form conversations. We have talked to ex-nazis, socialists, centrists, deplatformed influencers, holocaust-sceptics, right wing nationalists, philosophers, female imams, spiritual leaders, self-named racists, death-threatened artists, cannabis activists, sex workers, priests and animal-rights fighters.

Now when we are launching our international podcast we are searching for one of our role models, Joe Rogan, in order to take the conversation further.

Help us find him.